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Phillips Security Consulting, is now a subsidiary of PSC Global LLC. We at Phillips security consulting are a Chicagoland and Indiana based company. We proudly serve private homes, multi level condominium buildings, warehouses and our grade schools, middle schools and high schools with their security upgrades. We work as a consultant, coordinator and/or project manager based on your needs. We provide security assessments, ideas for solutions and coordination of Chicago, Illinois and Indiana based vendors.  We are fully insured company. We are committed to providing security and safety solutions for your home, business and organization. We provide our analysis with absolute objectivity. That means we act as security analysts dedicated to your specific security needs, not as salespeople steering towards one product or the other. These decisions are custom made to your vulnerabilities and not steered towards products sitting on our shelves.

We’re dedicated to personalized security solutions for each client, whether individual, municipal or corporate.Find out more about Phillips Security Consulting and our objective and client-centric approach to defining the right solution for any size security need.

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As a Chicago-based security consultant with global reach, we provide world-class security intelligence analysis and solutions to every client, whether an international organization or an individual.

We’ll evaluate your situation and provide state-of-the-art options specifically-tailored to your needs and budget that will help protect you, your family or your business against the harms of everyday life.

As part of that process, we can direct you to the right outside resource or vendor to meet your security need – whether that resource is from the contractor security world, or at the federal, state or local government level. And in all cases, we’ll provide honest advice on what you really need to address your concerns, in ways that mitigate costs and avoid waste.

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